From the beginning, Fresh Check has attracted a very special group of individuals to its team. Our shared mission: to improve as many lives as possible through innovative technology. Our passion is to protect people from bacterial contamination. We are grateful for the opportunity and responsibility of sharing Fresh Check with the world. A movement is in the making, you are welcome to join.



As the CEO of Fresh Check, Alex combined his experience at Imperial Innovations with his scientific background to create an environment in which research scientists can thrive. The results have been incredible. He leads Fresh Check's operations and is the team’s visionary force. His incessant curiosity for different applications, design and sustainability has led Fresh Check's evolution. Alex obtained his MChem and now studies a PhD at Imperial College London with intermittent weekends where he binge watches Kung-Fu films.



John is Fresh Check's technology man (or more commonly known as the CTO). He develops the synthesis and supports our technological and creative endeavours. John's commitment to Fresh Check stems from a lifelong desire to improve people’s lives and the knowledge that Fresh Check has the ability to accomplish this.  John received a Masters degree in Chemistry and is also working towards his Doctorate at Imperial College London. John once received a sack of potatoes for his birthday.



As CFO for Fresh check, Rob draws on his extensive industrial experience. Having worked in Wind Turbines to Defense systems, his ability to cost projects and understand and build the technology is unrivalled. Rob received a Masters in Physics and then moved onto his PhD at Imperial College London, although without Counter-Strike he would be a shell of a man.