FreshCheck is revolutionising the way we understand safety, by providing the first affordable method to test surfaces for biological debris with a simple colour change - if it doesn't stay purple, you need to clean again. We're also on the move - to see the latest please visit our new website

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Coronavirus has effected every one of us and underscored the critical importance of good hygiene. FreshCheck offers an ideal method to test hygiene as facilities reopen post-COVID. This will help prevent transmission of the virus and provide peace of mind for customers and staff members. If you’re interested in adopting FreshCheck for confirming cleanliness, please get in touch.

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We’re extremely happy to announce that our FreshCheck spray is now on sale! With Campden BRI verification, FreshCheck is the easiest, fastest & most affordable way to verify hygiene. What’s more, you can now order online, making the process even easier.

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New Scientist Feature

You might have spotted us in New Scientist talking about the improvements we’re offering to the world of hygiene testing. We’re very excited to be featured in the article!

If you’ve got a subscription to New Scientist you can read the whole article here.

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