Spray Bottle

The Fresh Check Spray is our easy solution for the detection of dangerous contaminants, such as bacteria or bleach, in at risk areas. Our simple spray turns from blue to orange to warn users if there are potentially infectious materials on all sorts of surfaces, from kitchens to toilets.

The spray is currently being tested as a replacement for expensive ATP swabs used for food hygiene auditing. If you are interested in trialling the product, or would simply like to register interest for purchasing the spray, please email us at [email protected]

Safety Information

Smart Use-By Date

Our smart use-by date does away with outdated printed labels by providing an on the spot guide to the safety of your food – if the label is blue you’re good to go, but it it’s turned orange it’s time to throw your food away! All you have to do is pop the label on your food and you’re ready to go. We’ve still got some research and development to go before we’re ready, but we’re making good progress!

To find out more about the Fresh Check Label, please contact us at [email protected]

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